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Google Analytics

The 6 Most Important Reports in Google Analytics

For a lot of websites, an initial measurement platform is Google Analytics. The information about website performance, social media, paid search, organic search and audience is provided by Google Analytics. On the website the performance of our daily routine is monitored by Google Analytics. Now I will describe about 6 most important reports in Google Analytics.

1. Report in the form of a custom dashboard – If for seeing the same data, stats and report you want to go to Google Analytics again and again then it can take a lot of your precious time. To solve this problem, you can make the use of custom dashboards. By using these single page will be carrying multiple reports in a widget format.

2. Report about lifetime value – When a visitor visits your website then this report tells you about other activities and searches performed by the visitor on your site and these can be compared with the items actually purchased by him.

3. Report given by user explorer – The information about the journeys of the people visiting a site is given by user explorer. In a given amount of time the activities of the user in the site and the content consumed him can be easily seen with this. 

4. Affinity categories report – This report will give you information about your current audience, to which place they belong, and reason for their conversion. You can easily make the decision that in the spectrum of digital marketing at which point your efforts should be given priority.

5. Report about benchmarking-channels – This report will help in identifying that in the same industry if we measure the performance of your website then will it perform better or worse as compared with other websites? This will help in setting future goals for your site.

6. Report of user’s flow – This report will help you in investigating the various paths followed by a visitor while navigating your website. For giving good shape to your content you have to look at the journey of the user so that all the tendencies and patterns can be easily seen by you.

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Akshay Sharma is a social media marketing enthusiast and has written many topics in the related field. He loves to write and read about latest technology trends. He works with Mind Digital Group.

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